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Hi, my name is Carrie Schade.  I have been employed at Wee Care Children’s Center since 1999.  I graduated from Carlynton High School and Mercy Hospital Child Care Program.  I also do lots of babysitting.  My enjoy going to the mall and to the movies.  I like working with all of the age groups.  The children are special at all ages.

Carrie Schade

Hi, my name is Sue.  As of August, 2005, I became the new owner/director.  I have been pursuing this goal for many years!  I first worked at Wee Care as a high school helper.  I then earned a B.A. degree in Elementary and Early Childhood Education.  I went on to graduate school and earned an M.S. degree in Child Development/Child Care with a specialization in administration.  During this time I gained a variety of experiences with children of all ages.  I then returned to Wee Care as the Preschool Director.  I learned a lot from Emily Chidlow, who founded Wee Care in 1982.  Now I’m excited to be back again doing what I love.  It is truly a privilege to be a part of the growth and development of so many fantastic kids.  

Hi, my name is Dawn and I have always had a special love for children. I began working at Wee Care when I was fifteen years old. I started as a high school helper in the afternoons. After high school, I attended Clarion University, and earned a degree in Elementary/Early Childhood Education. I worked at Wee Care all through college, and became a teacher soon after graduation. Several years later, I became the preschool director. At that time, I was married and beginning a family of my own. It was the perfect job. I was able to do what I love most –teach children – and bring my own children to work with me every day. My children are all in school now, but I love coming to work every day and venturing out with the school age children all summer.

Dawn O'Keefe - Assistant Director/Director of School Age Program

Hello, my name is Donna English Jozefowicz and I will be returning to work here at Wee Care. I am Sue’s older (but not that much older) sister.  I am married to Jim, whom you may have seen around the halls of Wee Care, and we have two daughters, Jill and Lindsey. We also have a dog, Bailey, the love of Jim’s life.  I love being involved in the early childhood educational and developmental processes of children, and had worked at Prairie Children Preschool in Aurora, Illinois since 1998.  Before relocating to Illinois, our family lived in Upper St. Clair, and I worked at Wee Care. My youngest daughter Lindsey attended Wee Care and met her first boyfriend and favorite teacher, Ms. Connie, in the two year old room. So I have been both an employee entrusted with your child’s care, and a parent who has entrusted Wee Care with my child’s care.    Jim and I both attended Edinboro University. He majored in baseball and business. I graduated with a BS in Speech and Language Education. I truly enjoy working with children, and I am looking forward to meeting all the families that attend Wee Care.

Donna Jozefowicz - Owner/Assistant Director

Sue English - Owner


Hi, my name is Corinne.  I have been working here at Wee Care since August of 1985.  Most of this time has been spent in the nursery caring for the babies for their first year.  The nursery is a joy to work in because, not only are you catering to the babies needs, but you are also witnessing their first stages in life.

Corinne Signorini - Lead Teacher


My name is Taylor Scott.  I started at Wee Care in 2017, but before then I came to Wee Care starting at the age of 2 and finished in School-Age.  I graduated from Chartiers Valley in 2016 where I first started working and teaching kids.  Then I continued my education at California University of Pennsylvania where I'm finishing getting a degree in Professional Studies in Education along with a minor in Social Work.  

It has always been my passion to work and teach children.  Giving them the knowledge to change the world.  

Deanna Blake

Kathy Fraino

Hi, my name is Connie.  I have worked at Wee Care for 31 years.  I work with the three year olds and I love working with them.  I have two grown children and three granddaughters.  I enjoy gardening, decorating and cooking.

Hi!  My name is Ruth.  I spend most of my time in the Lamb Room.  My husband and I have two children, a son, Carl, and a daughter, Dawn.  My husband Carl drove the Wee Care bus, and my daughter Dawn is the Preschool Director!  We also have five grandchildren and a step grandson.  Our step grandson just had a baby girl!  I love children.  I think a child’s smile lights up the world.

Ruth Gibson

Taylor Scott

Jr. Grasshoppers


Hi!  My name is Wendie and I am the preschool computer teacher at Wee Care.  I started working at Wee Care in 2003.  A few months after I started working at Wee Care, I got married.  In December of 2006 we welcomed our first child, Mallorie.  And in January of 2014 we were blessed with two more children, twins, Adaleena and Tyler.

I attended Robert Morris and was working toward my Communications degree.   After working with children, I then enrolled at Childcare Education Institute and received my Child Development Associate in November of 2006.  I also attended the University of Cincinnati in 2008 and took several more education classes. 

My true passion was always photography, so in 2009 I decided to go back to school for photography.  A few years later, in 2012, I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  I started my own professional photography business where I photograph high school seniors.  In addition to working at Wee Care and photography, I own a company called Steel City Creations that specializes in custom apparel, personalized gifts and more!

My name is Roseann Schwartzmiller. I live with my husband Rich and my dog, Sarge.  I also have a granddaughter named Sophia. I enjoy watching Sophia on the weekends. I also enjoy reading books and watching TV.

I very much enjoy working with children. I previously worked at another day care for 9 months before coming to Wee Care. I also worked at Chartiers Valley Primary School as a lunch aide.

Connie Quinten - Lead Teacher

Hi!  My name is Miss Taren!  I am very excited about this opportunity to teach and care for your children.  I am very close to earning my AS degree in Child and Family Studies.  I also have three boys, Alexander, Kaleb and Cooper, and a daughter, Ellie.  They are amazing to me, just like I know your children are to you.  So, I will take great care of them.

Jess Wargo - Lead Teacher

Sarah Beckwith - Lead Teacher

Hi!  My name is Jamie.  I graduated from Carlynton High School in 2006.  I just started working at Wee Care February 2021 and love it!  I always enjoyed children.  I babysat my cousins, coached little cheerleaders and also worked at the Kids Club in Bridgeville.  I always wanted to be a teacher for young children; I just love kids and their personalities.  I am excited to meet new faces and just watch them grow and hope to have children of my own some day!

Hi, my name is Amy Kissinger.  I have a Master's Degree in Elementary Education, and a BA in Psychology.  I am currently working on my Handwriting Without Tears Certification.  I am married and have two children; A.J. and Matthew.  I love working with children, and have over 20 years experience working in the child care setting.  My favorite part of the day is talking with children and working with them in a small group setting.


Samar Khalil - Lead Teacher

Maureen Kern

Rosanne Schwartzmiller 

Camillia Stone - Lead Teacher


Hi, I'm Caysen.  My mom (Miss Dawn) has been bringing me here since I was an infant.  I have always had a love for Wee Care, so I decided to join the family.  Working with the kids brings me great joy. 

Outside of work I enjoy flipping items, watching sports, reading, playing sports and anything outdoors.

Hi, my name is Thomas Vaites.  I am 20 years old and have worked with kids since I was 13 years old.  I grew up in Scott Township and graduated from Chartiers Valley High School.  I am the oldest of seven grandkids on both sides of my family and the oldest great-grandchild of eleven.  I grew up taking care of my brother, sister and cousins.  I have been coaching kids in baseball, hockey, football and basketball from ages 5 to 15 ever since I started high school.

Matt Blewitt - Lead Teacher

Hi, my name is Samar Khalil.  I am a teacher in the one year old room.  I came to America from Syria in 2000.  I was an elementary school teacher for 19 years in Syria.  I have been at Wee Care since 2003.  I enjoy working here at Wee Care because I love children and Wee Care is the best!

Hello, my name is Bri Person and I have worked at Wee Care since January of 2020.  I am a Chartiers Valley graduate of 2014 and my childcare career started shortly after in March 2015.  I have worked with all ages and all are unique in their own ways.  In my free time I enjoy spending time with family and friends and most of all reading.  I'm a huge Nora Roberts fan and I usually have a book in hand.  Every day I look forward to coming to work and I love what I do.

Hi!  My name is Sarah Beckwith and I have always loved working with children.  I am the oldest child in a large family.  I have two younger siblings and many younger cousins.  I grew up working with children and have decided to pursue a career in childcare!  I graduated from Bethel Park High School in 2013 and then from Slippery Rock University in 2017 with a Bachelor's Degree in History and a minor in Spanish.  I plan on continuing my education to obtain a Master's Degree in Education.

Hi, my name is Matt Blewitt.  I was born and raised in King of Prussia (Eastern PA).  I have been working and educating children since 1999 (through work or schooling).  I have worked here at Wee Care Children’s Center since 2002.  I have graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood.  Ever since I was a senior in high school, I knew for me to be happy in life I would be somewhere educating children.  My hobbies are playing golf and watching my beloved world champion Philadelphia Phillies. 


Caysen O'Keefe



Taren Fasulkey-Knorr - Lead Teacher

Hi!  My name is Heidi Hartman, and I have always had a love for working with children.  I babysat my nieces and nephews from the time they were little.  While I taught them a lot, I also learned a lot from them.  We would visit many places over the summer months and had tons of fun.  I cherished every minute of it.  Their friends and neighbors considered me their "Aunt Heidi" then, and many of them still do!  I love seeing the smiles on little faces everyday as they learn something new or are excited to be among friends.  In those moments, I know that those tiny smiles, giddy excitement and contagious spirit are exactly why I enjoy being around them so much!

Thomas Vaites 

Judy Grega - Music and Story Time

Jamie Curtain-Brown

Hi!  My name is Deanna Blake!  I graduated from Bethany College in 2014 with a BA degree in Elementary Education and Multicatergorial Special Education.  I have four years experience in the classroom working with children from 3-5 years of age.  Teaching is my passion and everyday is rewarding when I see a child learn something new!  I believe is facilitating the learning process and allowing children to make their own observations and discoveries!  I am also very family orientated.  I have two beautiful boys named Dominick and Gavin and a black German Shepherd named Sarge!

Amy Kissinger - Lead Teacher

Wendie LaGamba - Computers/Kindergarten Remote Learning


Bri Persin - Asst. Group Supervisor

Tara Lutton

Hi there!  My name is Volencia Cain but I prefer to go by Vee!  I've been working with kids on an doff for about 6 years as a nanny and a leadership member of a sleep away camp.  I knew I would be working with children after shadowing at Children's Hospital my sophomore year at Woodland Hills High School.  I will be receiving my Bachelors Degree after one more semester at Indiana University of PA in Nuclear Medicine.  I am so excited to see how far Wee Care will take me in my childcare journey!  "Two of the greatest gifts we can give our children are roots and wings."

Heidi Hartman - Lead Teacher

Hi.  My name is Tara Lutton, and I am a proud mother of three:  Evan, Kenna, and Ashlyn.  When my youngest began school, I decided to return to work.  I have always loved being around children and therefore Wee Care is perfect for me.  I am a teacher's assistant, and I like that I get to interact with various age groups and also be there for my family.  I really enjoy watching the children move from one stage to the next!

My name is Jess Wargo. I graduated from Mercyhurst University in 2005 with degrees in both Dance and World Language Education.  Shortly after, I started working at Wee Care as a preschool and dance teacher, but then got a teaching job in a private Christian school in the area.  During my teaching experience I had a preschool classroom for two years, a kindergarten classroom another two years, and taught Spanish K-8 for six years.  I have also traveled to Guatemala three times on mission trips to an Orphanage. In fall of 2013 I returned to Wee Care working in the preschool and school age classrooms.  I have been married since October 2011 and have three pet parakeets!  Working with children has been one of the greatest blessings of my life, and I look forward to that continuing here at Wee Care.

Volencia Cain

In Loving Memory

Hello, my name is Camillia Stone, but you can call me Cam.  I am originally from Allentown which is located near Lancaster and Reading. I started working at Wee Care a few weeks after getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education at California University. 

Teaching children gives me joy, but seeing them learn and understand a concept is indescribable.  I see children this young as blank sheets of paper that we fill up with the basics and much more fun and interesting topics while providing love and nurture along the way.  I do not have a certain age that I favor more than the other because I find that at each age you learn something new that is beneficial to my teaching career.  One thing I love about being a teacher is being taught something new by the students and being inspired by them to be a better role model, teacher or person.